For anyone interested in how this all began - here is the long version!

JMF Custom Wood Features is a family owned business which was founded by husband and wife team Jeffrey and Ashley. It officially opened in 2016, but we had been unofficially building for many years before that. It all begin back in 2011 just after we purchased our new home in Durham Region and started renovating. We loved our brand new build but found that it lacked character and felt the need to create some. We already loved all sorts of wood but quickly became obsessed with Barnwood for all of the character, warmth and history it had. Back in 2011 Barnwood wasn’t all that popular yet or as in demand as it is now, and therefore was not easily found either, so we went on a hunt to find some for ourselves. We eventually were able to gather enough from a friends grandmothers barn and found some amazing pieces to start building our very first Barnwood project – a floor to ceiling Barnwood fireplace! We loved the old wood but wanted to bring something new to it so we paired the wood with stainless steel tiles and voila! Rustic modern became our style and that became our very first Barnwood project (which is still just as stylish and timeless today as it was 6 years ago).

Fast forward, and we started to build more and more Barnwood/metal type pieces for our home such as picture frames, shelves, display pieces and then came our next 2 obsessions: Barndoors and Barnwood feature walls! Not long after that, we decided to attempt to build our very first sliding barndoor and feature wall to match. The barndoor was built by Jeffrey outside in our driveway in the boiling hot summer sun, with Ashley carefully selecting the pattern and where each plank should go by colour and character. Jeffrey then decided to carry the very heavy, oversized barndoor by himself on his back up our 3 tiered staircase to the master bedroom (yikes! we will never forget that story lol). We then hunted and searched tirelessly for somewhere we could buy a track and pulley system which we finally found after a long search (as again it wasn’t all that popular at that time). Jeffrey figured out how to install it with some rejigging to fit our oversized door. Then, the last piece of the puzzle was the need for a black metal barn door handle which of course back then was literally no where to be found, especially a nice long one. So as most of our typical Saturday nights went, we found ourselves roaming the aisles at Home Depot trying to find something we could make into a barn door handle. Finally Ashley spotted some long pieces of square raw metal and had a crazy idea to have Jeffrey sodder them together and spray paint it black to make a handle. He did just that and it became our 3 foot long barndoor handle! The feature wall was installed shortly after that and we were hooked.

Time passed after that as we worked our regular jobs commuting day in and day out to Toronto with Jeffrey having to get up at 4:15 am every single day.
Then the birth of our first son occurred, and our second son was born just 18 months later. We almost lost our first son during birth with lots of complications, and having these 2 amazing babies completely changed our lives in a lot of ways.  We realized what was really important and needed to make a change. Barnwood started to become popular and seen on every renovation show we would watch and we would kick ourselves saying “OMG why aren’t we doing this -we were doing this years ago!” We started to see the demand for it becoming greater, while at the same time wanting to be closer to our 2 young children. We talked many nights about starting our own company but it always seemed like just a dream. We then saw the gap in the market for this out in Durham region where we live. Barnwood sales and custom builds only existed in Toronto/the West end leaving anyone out east to have to drive far distances, deal with parking/traffic as well as no options for custom builds. With all of these factors lining up, we decided to go for it and make this service available out here in our hometown of Durham Region. With Jeffrey’s background of over 19 years in carpentry and construction and Ashley’s passion for design and creativity we started JMF Custom Wood Features- which was named using our 2 sons initials 🙂

After many late nights, long hours and hard work (now we know what blood, sweat and tears really means!) we now run a select team and have grown bigger and busier every single month and keep continuing to grow.

We love what we do and the fact that we can offer a service to clients out here that was never available before. We take pride in our work and customer service as our amazing clients are what keep us in business! Being a local company we appreciate the support in the community we service and are grateful to have a better balance and quality of life for us and our children. It is also our goal to leave a company to our sons who will someday be a part of it.

All of our wood and work is built by hand and stored in our shop in downtown Whitby, Ontario. Our goal is to provide personal and trustworthy service to our clients with creative designs, attention to detail and quality workmanship. We always ensure our clients are happy and we love being able to bring their visions to life.

Jeffrey + Ashley
JMF Custom Wood Features