Door WidthBarnwood (natural grey, brown or mix)Barnwood (white washed or white)Pine (stained any colour)MDF (painted any colour)

Prices are based on DOOR ONLY (please see track and installation prices separately). Prices are based on standard height doors only. Oversized height or width larger than 54” or smaller than 32” please contact us for a quote. These prices are based on our standard patterns, for any other patterns please contact us for a quote. Prices are based on pattern on the front side of the door only, if pattern on both sides of the door is desired please contact us for a quote. Special additions such as glass or other can be done, please contact us for quote. Prices are based on pick up only. Delivery is available for $75 within Durham region, outside Durham region please contact for delivery pricing. HST to be added to all prices. Prices are subject to change.



Please contact for accurate installation quote.

 Installation pricing depends on, and varies depending on the quantity of doors, size of door(s), site location, any extra work required to install door on current frame/substrate, ease of entry etc.

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