We custom build barndoors by hand in our workshop in Whitby, Ontario. We can build doors of almost any size. We use various woods, materials and finishes to build the doors with the most common being authentic Barnwood, stained pine and painted MDF. We can incorporate glass, metal, mirror, chalkboard or anything else into the wood doors – if you can imagine it, we can build it – inspiration photos always welcome.

We also sell metal sliding Barndoor hardware, hardware meaning: track and pulley systems (we have 6 different pulley styles for you to choose from), handles and decorative accessories.

We can also do Barndoors on hinges!

We have 3 options for you to choose from when ordering/purchasing your door:

  1. Door only
  2. Door & hardware
  3. Door, hardware and installation

Please email us at info@JMFCustomWoodFeatures.ca or fill out the form below with the following details in order for us to provide you with a faster and more accurate quote:

  1. Width & height of your door opening
  2. Photo of the opening (so we can see if there is in fact enough room for the door(s) to slide over & any other special circumstances)
  3. Material you would like the door to be made from (ie. Barnwood, stained pine, painted MDF etc)
  4. If you wanted any extras or special features such as glass etc and any inspiration photos if applicable
  5. Which of the 3 options you are looking for: 1) Door only. 2) Door & hardware. 3) Door, hardware & installation
  6. Your location

Build your own custom barn door

we give you the options to customize your barn door:

1. Choose your pattern  2. Choose your track pulleys  3. Choose your handle 4. Choose your accessories

Oversized Grey and Brown Double Barndoors Mid Rail Plank Style

Brown Barnwood Mid Rail Plank Pattern Barndoor

Brown Barnwood Plank Pattern Barndoor

Dark Stained Pine Arrow Pattern Barndoor

Double Grey Barndoors Arrow Pattern Modern Handles

Double Brown Barnwood Mid Rail Plank Barndoors

Double Display Grey Barndoors Arrow Pattern

Double Grey Barndoors Arrow Pattern Modern Handles

Large Brown Barnwood Z Pattern Barndoor

Oversized Brown Barnwood X Pattern Barndoor

Oversized Grey Barnwood Arrow Pattern Barndoor

Pine Stained Barndoor with Glass

White Washed Barnwood Arrow Pattern Hinge Barndoors

White Modern Panel Barndoor

By Pass Track Door