We sell various types of hardware which are either included in a project quote such as a Barndoor or custom item, or we also sell just the hardware on its own for all of the Do It Yourself people out there.

We sell:

  • Barndoor tracks and pulleys
  • Barndoor handles (or for other uses)
  • Barndoor decor accessories
  • Barndoor bottom guides
  • Connector plates for extended tracks
  • Soft close mechanisms for tracks
  • Metal/cast iron hooks for hook racks
  • Metal /cast iron shelf brackets & more!

Currently we have 6 different style options of Barndoor pulleys, 18 Barndoor handle options, 2 finger pull options and 13 decorative accessory options. We also have many different metal hook and shelf bracket options.

If you would like to incorporate any of these hardware options into your custom project or would like to just purchase hardware only for your own project please email us at info@JMFCustomWoodFeatures.ca or fill out the form below with the following details in order for us to provide you with faster and more accurate pricing:

  1. What project is this for?
  2. Do you need a quote for a custom project including hardware? Or do you just want to purchase hardware only from us?
  3. What hardware do you want pricing on?
  4. Will you be picking it up (at our workshop in Whitby, Ontario) or do you need it shipped to you? If shipped, please provide your address

Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Industrial Shelf Bracket

French Shelf Brackets

Arrow Shelf Brackets

Barndoor Accessories

Barndoor Handles #1-18

Barndoor Track Pulleys

Barndoor Track Pulleys