1. Where are you located?

JMF Custom Wood Features is located in Whitby, Ontario Canada. We are one street over from historic downtown Whitby.

  1. How do I purchase wood?

Please email, phone or visit our locations at 403 Beech St West to view/purchase barn wood, beams, shelves, ghost wood etc. (email is preferred).

  1. How can I get a quote for a custom barndoor, fireplace, feature wall, custom project etc?

Please email us at info@JMFCustomWoodFeatures.ca or fill out the form on our website with all of the details.

  1. Do you do free in home quotes?

Yes we do. Quotes are always free. Often times we can actually give you a ballpark quote via email if provided with all of the required details first.  Then if you are interested in moving forward we would then follow up with an in person visit to see the space and take all of our measurements etc.

  1. How soon can I have my project completed/what is your lead time?

It really depends on how busy we are at the current time and what other projects we have on the go.  That being said, we always look to accommodate our clients needs, so if you have a deadline you need a project done by please let us know what it is and we will do our best to meet it.

  1. Where do you get the barnwood and beams from?

We have various suppliers in Ontario who we purchase our wood from and it is all from Ontario barns that were in need or requested to be taken down.  We take pride in being able to repurpose all of that beautiful, historic, Canadian wood.  We hand pick every piece of wood that we carry as we only take in the best quality pieces.

  1. Why Barnwood?

Barnwood has years and years of character, sometimes even over a hundred years of character that you cannot duplicate with new wood products. It has knots, and holes, colour and character that new wood does not, and every single piece is different.  We also appreciate the fact that it is Canadian wood and the history behind using reclaimed wood from our own province. Wood is a natural material that will never go out of style and adds instant character to any space.

  1. What are the main types of wood you carry?

We carry grey and brown barn boards of varying widths and lengths, 2” thick barnwood threshing board which are perfect for shelves, barn beams of varying lengths and widths from 6×6 up to 12×12, Ghostwood which is an amazing new wood product made from sustainable wood that looks like reclaimed wood and comes in various awesome colours, as well as various other types of wood and wood products which changes all the time (contact us if you are looking for something specific).

  1. What is your service area for custom projects and installs?

We service Durham Region, Clarington and surrounding areas and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).  Please contact us and let us know where you are and we can let you know if we can get there.

  1. How does payment work for custom wood projects?

Since all of our work is custom, for all of our work – custom wood installations or builds it is a 50% down payment upon agreement of the quote, with the remaining 50% due once the project is complete, or the item is picked up.

If you have any other questions that we did not answer here, please email us at info@JMFCustomWoodFeatures.ca