We build/install all different styles of wood fireplaces and mantles. From a simple barn beam mantle to a full floor to ceiling wood fireplace if you can imagine it we can build it – inspiration photos always welcome.

The main materials we currently use are authentic Barn beams, Barnwood, Ghostwood and stained Pine. However, we can create a fireplace/mantle out of any sort of wood or wood and other material combo such as wood and slate, wood and stone, wood and tile etc.

Fireplaces should be a focal point in the room and we aim to do just that. We can restore or demo old fireplaces or we can spruce up plain builder grade fireplaces to add character and style.

The beam mantles can be left natural/as is and clear coated or can be stained to any colour of your choosing. We have various widths of beams such as 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 and any length.

Please email us at info@JMFCustomWoodFeatures.ca or fill out the form below with the following details in order for us to provide you with a faster and more accurate quote:

  1. Type of fireplace you are looking for (beam mantle or full fireplace build)
  2. Inspiration photos to help explain the look you’re going for if possible
  3. Materials you’d like it to be build out of (Barnwood, Ghostwood, Pine, stone, tiles etc)
  4. Any rough measurements you may have (length of beam you need, width of beam, specifying if the ceilings are extra high etc)
  5. Your location.

3 Sided Barn Beam Fireplace Slate Tiles

Barn Beam and Brick Fireplace

Barnwood 2 Tone Fireplace Scattered Pattern Fireplace Mantle

Scattered Full Pattern

Barnwood Fireplace 2 Toned

Fireplace Mantle with Stainless Steel Tiles

Barn Beam Mantle on Stone Fireplace

Large Barn Beam on Fireplace Mantle